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Christophe Salomon is elected member of Sciences academy

  Christophe Salomon, director of research at CNRS, was elected in December 2017 member of Sciences academy (Paris, France), in the physics section. He is a member of the Kastler Brossel Laboratory, head of the Ultracold Fermi Gases team. Christophe Salomon...

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After the proton, now the deuteron

Again, the “deuteron radius” is smaller than expected anfd in good agreement with the “proton radius” deduced from muonic hydrogen spectroscopy, thus reinforcing the “proton radius puzzle”.

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Schrödinger cat states

Des physiciens viennent de réaliser un électromètre ultrasensible qui repose sur l’utilisation d’atomes excités portés dans une superposition d’états de type “chat de Schrödinger.”

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