LKB - Atom chips group

FFP Microcavity Technology

Progress in quantum technologies critically depends on the progress of optical cavities. This has spurred the development of optical microcavities. Our group has developed a fiber-based microcavity with exceptional properties, the Fiber Fabry-Perot (FFP) cavity. It combines small waist and high finesse F>100.000 with open access to the mode and built-in fiber coupling. This cavity has a large impact in the field, now being used by more than a dozen research groups with at least six different quantum emitters. We collaborate with many of these groups. We are constantly improving FFP technology, remove remaining technological hurdles so that next-generation FFP cavities will have order-of-magnitude reduced loss, improved fiber coupling, larger length range and smaller waist. This will be breakthrough for light-matter quantum interfaces in our group and our partner groups, and may also generate new applications in telecom and other photonic technologies.