LKB - Bose-Einstein condensates

Collège de France
Institut de Physique
Bâtiment E, Bureau E2-6
11 place Marcelin Berthelot
75005 Paris Cedex



PhD Student

Thesis defense at Collège de France (room 5) on Monday 24th September.


Short CV

From 2015 : PhD candidate on the ytterbium experiment at Collège de France, Paris.
2014: Master thesis at Muquans, Bordeaux.
2014: Student in Tilman Esslinger‘s group at ETH, Zürich.
2013-2014: MSc in Physics at ETH, Zürich.
2013: Visiting Student Researcher in Mark Kasevich‘s group at Stanford, California.
2010-2013: Studies at École polytechnique, Palaiseau.


PhD Student on the Ytterbium experiment



Applied Laboratory Module at Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau.


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