LKB - Bose-Einstein condensates

Mixture in Mixed dimensions

Current team: Raphael Lopes


Collège de France. 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot. 75005 Paris


This project aims at probing intriguing few- to many-body physics.

We will investigate spin-polarized fermions trapped in two layers and interacting through a three-dimensional bath. This will allow us to form Efimov-like trimers between layers that are robust against three-body losses occurring at short-relative distances.
In the limit of dense and strongly-interacting samples, we will explore unconventional many-body phases of matter such as the emergence of a stable Fermi gas of Efimov trimers, interlayer s-wave Cooper pairing, and intralayer p-wave Cooper pairing.


We are setting up a new cold atom experiment in which dysprosium and potassium evolve in different dimensions.

This experiment has received funding from the French National Research Agency  ANR-20-CE30-0024.

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