Actualités du GdR



Posdoc position at Institut Langevin

A one-year Post-Doc position is opened at Institut Langevin, focused on matrix approaches to elastic wave scattering on percolated disordered networks. The Post-Doc is funded by LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence) WIFI (Waves and Imaging from Fundamentals to Innovation) within the French Program “Investments for the Future”.

Postdoc position at LPT Toulouse

A 2-year postdoctoral position is now available at Laboratoire de Physique Théorique in Toulouse, focused on the theory of quantum disordered systems. Key-words are: glassy nature of quantum disordered systems ; Anderson localization ; Many-body localization ; Superfluid-insulator transition

Workshop on complex materials for nonlinear optics

A workshop on complex materials for nonlinear optics will take place at ETH Zurich on January 2020 from 29th to 31st. The event wants to be multidisciplinary and gathers scientists that are contributing to this field from complementary perspectives, such as those of disordered and complex photonics, nonlinear optics and material science.

Workshop on disorder and chaos

A workshop on disorder and chaos will take place in Grenoble (France), LPMMC, on November 14 and 15 2019. The workshop is organized by Sergey Skipetrov (LPMMC) Alain Joye (Institut Fourier) and Bart van Tiggelen (LPMMC). Program to be announced on

M1/M2 insternships

Le CEREMA, l’ENTPE et Eco-Pertica proposent un stage sur l’acoustique des bétons biosourcés à base de terre crue au premier semestre 2020. Le stage est à destination d’un(e) élève(e) de M1 ou M2 intéressé(e) par une expérience de recherche dans le domaine de l’éco-construction avec des matériaux locaux. Des connaissances en acoustique seraient un plus, pour autant nous encourageons les candidats motivés par ce sujet à postuler quelque soit leur profil (ingénieur, architecte, physicien…). Ce stage est proposé dans le cadre du projet ECO-TERRA sur le développement de bétons biosourcés à base de terre crue pour l’isolation des bâtiments. Le stagiaire sera basé à Strasbourg.

Workshop « Atoms and photons Nice 2919 »

A workshop on atoms and photons will take place in Nice (France) on November 2019 from 5th to 7th. This workshop will bring together leading experts on cold atoms, quantum physics, nonlinear optics, light-atom interaction and related collective phenomena. The workshop will include an exceptional session at Calern and a visit of Calern observatory. Further information on the event, such as invited speakers, as well as registration instructions can be found on the workshop website.

PhD and Postdoc positions at LKB on the theory of complex fluids of light

A 3-year PhD position and a 2-year postdoc position on the theory of complex fluids of light  are available in the “Complex Quantum Systems” group of Laboratoire Kastler Brossel in Paris, see below for the jobs description. The expected date of employment is October 2019 but the offers will remain open until the positions are fulfilled.

Postdoc positions at Wesleyan University

Two post-doc openings are starting effectively immediately in the group of Pr. Tsampikos Kottos at Wesleyan University (tkottos at One of the post-doc openings is on experimental microwave physics, and the other in theoretical wave transport.

PhD and postdoc positions on Anderson localization of ultra cold atoms

A PhD and a postdoc position on Anderson localization with ultracold atoms are available in the Quantum Gases group of Laboratoire Charles Fabry (IOGS, Palaiseau).

Summer school on interaction of light with cold atoms

Online registration is open until July 7 2019 for the ICTP-SAIFR School on Interaction of Light with Cold Atoms, which will take place at ICTP-SAIFR at the UNESP campus in São Paulo, Brazil, in September 16-27, 2019. This school aims at training PhD and post‐doc students (and selected master´s students) in the physics of light interacting with cold atoms, introducing them to the basics and familiarizing them with applications in modern technology.

PhD position "Simulating disordered quantum systems with a Potassium BEC: many-body effects and topology" (Lille)

A PhD position in experimental physics opens in the Quantum Chaos group at the PhLAM Laboratory, Université de Lille. Please see the job description below for more information.

PhD position on light scattering in atomic clouds

A PhD position in experimental physics opens next year at INPHYNI in Nice, on the subjects of either “Anderson localization of light with cold atoms” or “intensity correlations: from cold atoms to quantum optics and astrophysics”.

Les Houches predoc school on interaction of light and cold atoms

A two-week predoctoral school on interaction of light and cold atoms will take place in Les Houches from 30 September to 11 October 2019. The course is targeted at the advanced undergraduate level and emphasizes formal lectures building on textbook knowledge. This goal meets the requirements of the Les Houches pre-doctoral school program. The school is intended primarily for PhD students in their first or second year. Undergraduates at the European Masters level who are planning a PhD study are also invited to apply. Young post-docs entering the field can also apply.