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Research engineer position in scientific computing

A permanent position of research engineer in scientific computing is proposed through a CNRS external competition at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (LPT-UMR 5152) and at the Institute of Research in Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP-UMR 5277) in Toulouse. The expert in scientific computing will exercise his activity within the framework of a shared function between the LPT at 50% and IRAP at 50%. He/she will provide expertise in the use of algorithmic / mathematical methods and their adaptation to different machine architectures as well as the development, optimization, maintenance and dissemination of parallel codes to numerically solve quantum or classical physics problems in at the heart of the activity of the LPT and the problems of dynamics of astrophysical and physical fluids of plasmas at the heart of the activity of IRAP. Interested candidates can consult

School on "Anderson Localization: landscape theory and experiments with ultracold atoms"

A school on Anderson Localization will be held in Arcachon, France, from October 6 – 10, 2020. The school is organized by T. Bourdel and P. Pelletier. Please visit the website for complete information regarding the school and registration.

Mini-colloquium "Casimir Effect and Heat Transfer Advances" (online)

A special mini-colloquium entitled “Casimir Effect and Heat Transfer Advances” will be held on August 31- September 4 2020, during the international CMD2020GEFES conference which takes place online this year. The colloquium is organized by M. Antezza, M. Boström and S. C. Palacios. Further information about the event can be found on the CMD2020GEFES website:

Postdoc position on modeling and applications of nanoresonators (LP2N)

A postdoc position starting in September-October 2020 is available at LP2N (Institut d’Optique Bordeaux) to work on modeling and applications of nanoresonators. Interested candidates should send a detailed CV with contact references to philippe.lalanne at More details can be found in the job description 

Postdoc position on optical metasurfaces producing brand-new appearance (LP2N)

A postdoc position starting in September-October 2020 is available at Institut d’Optique (Bordeaux), to work on optical metasurfaces producing brand-new appearance. Interested candidates should send a detailed CV with contact references to philippe.lalanne at and kevin.vynck at More details can be found in the job description.

Experimental PhD position on subradiance and applications to quantum technologies

A PhD position starting on September 2020 is available at Institut de Physique de Nice. Interested candidates should apply by email to William Guérin  (william.guerin at inphyni.cnrs.frand Robin Kaiser (robin.kaiser at inphyni.cnrs.frand provide their CV, their marks/grade during their Master studies, and at least one contact for recommandation. The position will stay open until filled. 

Localisation2020 conference (online)

The localisation2020 conference will take place on August 24th (Mon) – 28th (Fri), 2020It will provide an opportunity to report recent progress and discuss open problems in localisation and related fields. Usually organized in Sapporo, the Localisation2020 will this year be held online as a virtual conference due to the Covid19 pandemic. see the conference website for more information.

Les Houches spring school « Waves in complex media, from theory to practice"

The summer school on waves in complex media, initially scheduled in Les Houches in April 2020, has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The school is postponed to Feb 14-22 2022. It will gather international specialists of the field, theoreticians and experimentalists. A series of courses and seminars will cover the basics of wave propagation in disordered media, light scattering and cooperativity in atomic clouds, random matrix theory, Anderson localization, wave control and imaging. 

Mini workshop on Interactions, topology and symmetry in disordered systems

A mini workshop on interactions, topology and symmetry in disordered systems, initially scheduled during the « Journées de la Matière Condensée » in Rennes and sponsored by the GdR COMPLEXE, is postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More information about the new dates should be soon available at

Les Houches doctoral school "A toolbox for quantum technologies with light and matter"

This school will take place at Les Houches from 13 September to 18 September 2020. Topics include quantum optics, topological states, plasmonic quantum optics,quantum metrology, light scattering in disordered media, artificial atoms for quantum technologies, quantum optics using rydberg atoms. 

Posdoc position at Institut Langevin

A one-year Post-Doc position is opened at Institut Langevin, focused on matrix approaches to elastic wave scattering on percolated disordered networks. The Post-Doc is funded by LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence) WIFI (Waves and Imaging from Fundamentals to Innovation) within the French Program “Investments for the Future”.

Workshop on the Theory of waves in random media

A workshop on theoretical aspects around wave propagation in random media will take place in Sheffield (UK) on 24-25 June 2020. The event will bring together mathematicians and theoretical physicists working on multiple scattering of classical waves (acoustic, electromagnetic, …) in random media such as gases, emulsions, powders, porous and polycrystalline materials to bridge the gap between communities and theoretical methods. Deadline for abstract submission is 29 February 2020.