LKB - Optical Imaging in biogical and complex media

Mickael Mounaix

Mickael Mounaix

PhD Student

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Mickael Mounaix is a PhD Student in Laboratoire Kastler Brossel at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Paris, under the supervision of Prof. Sylvain Gigan, in the group Optical Imaging in biological and complex media. His PhD project deals with spatio-temporal control of an ultrashort pulse of light (femtosecond laser) through multiple scattering media.


Teaching (at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 192h)

  • Wave physics (2nd year, L2) : labworks
  • Electromagnetism and Optics (3rd year, L3): labworks and tutorial class

Publication list and conferences attended:


  • A. Boniface, M. Mounaix, B. Blochet, R. Piestun, S. Gigan, Transmission-matrix-based point-spread-function engineering through a complex medium, Optica, 4 (1), 54 (2016) link OPTICA



  • M. Mounaix, D. Andreoli, H. Defienne, G.Volpe, O. Katz, S. Grésillon, and S. Gigan, Spatiotemporal coherent control of light through a multiply scattering medium with the Multi-Spectral Transmission Matrix, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 253901 (2016) link PRL
  • M. Mounaix, H. Defienne, S. Gigan, Deterministic light focusing in space and time through multiple scattering media with a Time-Resolved Transmission Matrix approach, Phys. Rev. A 94, 041802 (R) (2016) link PRA



  • I Mahboob, M Mounaix, K Nishiguchi, A Fujiwara, H Yamaguchi, A multimode electromechanical parametric resonator array, Sci. Rep.4, 4448 (2014) link SCIREP

International conferences:

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  •  Mickael Mounaix, Daria Andreoli, Hugo Defienne, Giorgio Volpe, Ori Katz, Samuel Gresillon, and Sylvain Gigan, “Coherent spatiotemporal control of light through a multiply scattering medium ” , CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science 2016, San José, California, USA (June 2016). link OSA
  • Antoine Boniface, Mickael Mounaix, Baptiste Blochet, Rafael Piestun, Sylvain Gigan, “Sub-diffraction limit focusing through a complex medium by virtual Fourier filtering“, SPIE BiOS, San Francisco, USA (January 2017) link SPIE