LKB - Optomechanics and Quantum measurements group

Optomechanics and Quantum Measurements

We study the interaction mediated by radiation pressure between light and mechanical resonators. Our goals include overcoming the quantum limits at stake in high-precision interferometric measurements, such as gravitational wave interferometers, or realizing quantum-coherent transducers based on nanomechanical systems.


News and Events

First detection of gravitational waves

The LIGO and the Virgo Collaborations announced today the first detection of gravitational waves, detected on Sep. 14th 2015, from a binary black hole merger. More details.

David McClelland visiting LKB

Our group welcomes David McClelland from ANU for a one-month visit as ENS invited Professor.

Jean-Eudes Royal joins the team

Jean-Eudes is a 3rd year intern from Institut d'Optique Graduate School.

Matthew Winchester joins the team

Matthew is a 3rd year intern the University of Colorado, Boulder. His stay is funded by the NSF under the IREU program.

GW detected from second pair of colliding black holes!

The LIGO and the Virgo collaborations announced today they detected gravitational waves for the second time. These GW were again produced by the merger of two black holes. More details.

Marine Arino joins the team

Marine is a first year student of Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Thibault Capelle joins the team

Thibault is a former student of Ecole Polytechnique. After a M2 internship at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, he is starting his PhD on the microwave/optical experiment.

GDR 'MecaQ' General Meeting

The CNRS-funded GDR (Research Network) 'MecaQ' (Quantum Optomechanics and nanomechanics) held its General Meeting at LKB on Sep. 20th and 21st. More than 40 scientists, graduate students and post-docs attended this first edition.

The Basic Physics of GW150914 published!

The pedagogical article 'The basic physics of the binary black hole merger GW150914' has just been published by Annalen der Physik. You can download it here.

LIGO Resumes Search for Gravitational Waves

After a series of upgrades, the twin detectors of LIGO have turned back on and resumed their search for gravitational waves on November 30. The Virgo detector is expected to join the second part of the run. More details.

2018 Les Houches School Gravitational Waves

PF Cohadon will organize, together with B Allen, MA Bizouard and N Christensen, the Les Houches Summer School 'Gravitational Waves' in July 2018. See the website.

Sumo Fight at UPMC!

The yearly Robot Competition organized by T Briant as part of the 'Experimental Physics' Course LP338 took place on Dec. 5th at UPMC. This year, the robots engaged in a Sumo fight... Check the video !

Physics Olympiads

PF Cohadon was part of the jury of the 2017 Physics Olympiads. Congratulations to the 4 groups of high-school students who qualified for the National Finals. One of the 4 groups led a detailed study on the plasma globe (spectrocopy of the emitted light, dynamics of the filaments...) displayed in the picture.

OMT website online!

The website of our ETN with 14 other European partners is now open. Visit and apply online for one of the 15 PhD positions available!

Leo Neuhaus defended his PhD

Leonhard Neuhaus defended today his PhD thesis, entitled "Cooling a macroscopic mechanical oscillator close to its quantum ground state".The jury acknowledged Leo's superb work and scientific achievements. Congrats!!

Photonic-crystal paper published

Our paper 'High-finesse Fabry-Perot cavities with bidimensional Si3N4 photonic-crystal slabs has just been published' in "Light: Science and Applications".

ExSqueez General Meeting

The General Meeting of the ANR-funded research network 'ExSqueez' (for 'Experimental Squeezing and Optomechanics') will take place on January 9th at LKB, with scientists from LKB, LAL Orsay, LAPP Annecy and LMA Villeurbanne.

Optomechanics and Nanomechanics

The new M2-ICFP course by PF Cohadon and S Deléglise starts today!

Special Symposium at CLEO 2017

PF Cohadon, together with JP Poizat and P Verlot, will organize the special Symposium "Optomechanics: Towards the Second Quantum Revolution" at CLEO 2017. See CLEO website for more details.

Virgo joins LIGO for O2!

Today, Tuesday August 1st 2017, the VIRGO detector based in Europe has officially joined “Observation Run 2” (O2) and is now taking data alongside the American-based twin LIGO detectors. More details.

Samuel Deléglise at Virgo for commissioning

Samuel Deléglise just arrived in Pisa to perform his weekly assignment of Weekly Commissioning Coordinator. Good luck to Samuel in this incredibly important and exciting time for Virgo!

Edouard Ivanov new PhD student

Edouard holds a Master of Physics (MPhys) from the University of Bath. His PhD project aims at creating a transducer capable of converting microwave photons into optical photons, using a nanomechanical membrane.

Emmanuel Flurin ENS Junior Research Chair

Emmanuel's project in our group aims at demonstrating that highly non-classical state of microwave radiations generated by superconducting circuits such as Schrödinger cat states can enhance the position metrology of a mechanical resonator beyond the standard quantum limit.

PyRPL released!

PyRPL is an open-source software package providing many instruments on cheap FPGA hardware boards, developed by L. Neuhaus and S. Deléglise. Check the website and the introduction video!

First triple detection of gravitational waves by LIGO-Virgo

This result highlights the scientific potential of a global network of GW detectors, by delivering a better localization of the source and access to polarizations of gravitational waves. More details.

ETN-OMT workshop on Finite Element Modelling at EPFL

This 4-day workshop aims to provide fundamental understanding and practical know-how for performing FEM simulations. More details.

First detection of gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars

This LIGO-Virgo discovery marks first cosmic event observed in both gravitational waves and light. More details.

Group members

PhD Students and Postdoc
  • Samuel Deléglise
    Research Scientist
  • Salim Zerkani
    PhD Student
  • Sheon Chua
  • Antoine Heidmann
    Senior scientist
  • Tristan Briant
    Research Associate Professor
  • Leonhard Neuhaus
  • Remi Metzdorff
    PhD Student
  • Thibault Capelle
    PhD Student
  • Group members
    Group picture
  • Pierre-Francois Cohadon
    Research Associate Professor
  • Thibaut Jacqmin
    Research Associate Professor
    18th December 2018
    PhD position on non-classical mechanical states
    The goal of this thesis is to prepare mechanical resonators in various non-Gaussian states by coupling them to superconducting qubits.
    12th March 2018
    Phd position on Quantum optomechanical thermometer
    Funded PhD position on Quantum Optomechanical Thermometry
    12th March 2018
    PhD/postdoc position on Hybrid nanomechanical transducers
    PhD position on Hybrid nanomechanical transducers
    26th December 2016
    Post-doc position on Quantum-Enhanced position sensing
    Post-doc position on Quantum-Enhanced position sensing

Recent papers

2D photonic-crystal optomechanical nanoresonator

2D photonic-crystal optomechanical nanoresonator
K. Makles, T. Antoni, A. G. Kuhn, S. Deléglise, T. Briant, P.-F. Cohadon, R. Braive, G. Beaudoin, L. Pinard, C. Michel, V. Dolique, R. Flaminio, G. Cagnoli, I. Robert-Philip, and A. Heidmann
Optics Letters 40, 2 (2015)

Free-space cavity optomechanics in a cryogenic environment

Free-space cavity optomechanics in a cryogenic environment
A. G. Kuhn, J. Teissier, L. Neuhaus, S. Zerkani, E. Van Brackel, S. Deléglise, T. Briant, P.-F. Cohadon, A. Heidmann, C. Michel, L. Pinard, V. Dolique, R. Flaminio, R. Taïbi, C. Chartier, O. Le Traon
Applied Physics Letters, 104 (2014)

A new method of probing mechanical losses of coatings at cryogenic temperatures

A new method of probing mechanical losses of coatings at cryogenic temperatures
Serge Galliou, Samuel Deléglise, Maxim Goryachev, Leonhard Neuhaus, Gianpietro Cagnoli, Salim Zerkani, Vincent Dolique, Jérémy Bon, Xavier Vacheret, Philippe Abbé, Laurent Pinard, Christophe Michel, Thibaut Karassouloff, Tristan Briant, Pierre-François Cohadon, Antoine Heidmann, Michael E. Tobar, and Roger Bourquin.
Review of Scientific Instruments 87, 12 (2016)

High-finesse Fabry-Perot cavities with bidimensional Si3N4 photonic-crystal slabs

High-finesse Fabry-Perot cavities with bidimensional Si3N4 photonic-crystal slabs
Xu Chen, Clément Chardin, Kevin Makles, Charles Caër, Sheon Chua, Rémy Braive, Isabelle Robert-Philip, Tristan Briant, Pierre-François Cohadon, Antoine Heidmann, Thibaut Jacqmin and Samuel Deléglise
Nature Light: Science & Applications (2017)


Undergrad. report


  • Détecter un milliardième de milliardième de mm
    Détecter un milliardieme de milliardieme de mm : pourquoi ?
  • Détecter les ondes gravitationnelles
    ...Pour les ondes gravitationnelles
  • Tester la mécanique quantique avec des objets macroscopiques
    Tester la mécanique quantique avec des objets macroscopiques La mécanique quantique est une théorie qui décrit parfaitement les propriétés parfois surprenantes des entités microscopiques comme les électrons, les atomes... mais ne semble pas s'appliquer aux objets macroscopiques. Le statut de la "frontière" entre les mondes microscopique et macroscopique a radicalement changé depuis quelques années.
  • Voir un verre se déformer sous l'effet du son
    Voir un verre se déformer sous l'effet du son
  • Vulgarisation articles
    Vulgarisation articles



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