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The international conference PiNG, organised every 3 years, focuses on recent advances and current problems in the polarization, management, and applications of hyperpolarized gases. PiNG17 took place in Utah, USA. Chair: Brian Saam (Washington State Univ.). Advisory committee: E. Babcock (FZ-Jülich), T.R. Gentile (NIST-Gaithersburg), G. Tastevin (Lab. Kastler Brossel), J. Wild (Univ. of Sheffield). PiNG14 took place in Les Houches, France.

Kastler Symposium 2016

Pierre-Jean Nacher has been involved in the organisation of this one-day scientific event at the ENS (Dec. 1st, 2016). See the video recordings of all contributions.


Alfred Kastler, Nobel Prize in Physics (1966).

PhD defense

Ali DIA gradutated from ENS-PSL (Paris) and USJ (Beyrouth) on May 7, 2021.
Experimental study of redistribution and exchange collisions in the 2³P level of helium


Jules Grücker has defended his “Habilitation à diriger les recherches”, entitled “Metastable Solid and Liquid Helium-4”, on Nov.30, 2018.

PhD student

Ali Dia (PSL Research University & St Joseph Universiy of Beirut, Lebanon) has joined the group for co-supervised PhD work on laser optical pumping of helium at low field (Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2020).

Qu An, back in LKB

Qu An (PhD) graduated from UMPC on January 20, 2017.

He now works as a post-doc, in J. Dalibard and F. Gerbier’s group,on sodium spinor condensates.

PhD defense

Experimental study of metastable solid and superfluid helium-4

PhD thesis by Qu An – 2017


Regular article


Mécanique Quantique, tomes 1 et 2, nouvelle édition. C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu et F. Laloë (EDP Sciences - Savoirs Actuels - Sept. 2018).Comprenons-nous vraiment la mécanique quantique ?.
Franck Laloë (EDP Sciences - Savoirs Actuels - 2nd ed., 2018).
Mécanique Quantique - Tome III - Fermions, bosons, photons, corrélations et intrication. C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu, F. Laloë (EDP Sciences - Savoirs Actuels, 2017).

The WideNMR project (2015 —2017)

Exploring innovative concepts and applications in a super-wide bore NMR spectrometer
Scientific partners: IRAMIS/CEA Saclay; IFSTTAR; LKB.
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Lattice simulations in NMR - CPU versus GPU?

Project objective: Massively parallel computing for lattice simulations in NMR and MRI
Scientific partner: E. Baudin, Piere Aigrain Laboratory.
Support: ICS@SU, Institute for Computing and Simulation – Sorbonne Universités (2016 call: “Master2+2”).

Oral contribution to QFS2016