LKB - Polarised Helium, Quantum Fluids and Solids

Past News and Events


The international conference PiNG, organised every 3 years, focuses on recent advances and current problems in the polarization, management, and applications of hyperpolarized gases.

PiNG17 took place in Utah, USA. Chair: Brian Saam (Washington State Univ.). Advisory committee: E. Babcock (FZ-Jülich), T.R. Gentile (NIST-Gaithersburg), G. Tastevin (Lab. Kastler Brossel), J. Wild (Univ. of Sheffield).

PiNG14 took place in Les Houches, France.

Kastler Symposium 2016

Pierre-Jean Nacher has been involved in the organisation of this one-day scientific event at the ENS (Dec. 1st, 2016). See the video recordings of all contributions.


Alfred Kastler, Nobel Prize in Physics (1966).

PhD defense

Experimental study of metastable solid and superfluid helium-4

PhD thesis by Qu An – 2017


Oral contribution to QFS2016


Qu An: “Observation of metastable solid and superfluid helium-4 around 1 K“.

Lattice simulations in NMR - CPU versus GPU?

Project objective: Massively parallel computing for lattice simulations in NMR and MRI
Scientific partner: E. Baudin, Piere Aigrain Laboratory.
Support: ICS@SU, Institute for Computing and Simulation – Sorbonne Universités (2016 call: “Master2+2”).