This project is a collaboration between the NANOST team at the Institute of NanoSciences of Paris (INSP) and the Quantum Optics Group of the Kastler-Brossel Laboratory (LKB). The INSP, a founding member of the Labex “Materials, InterfaceS, Surfaces, Environment” (MATISSE), is a leading player in Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) in Physics and Materials Science, particularly at the nanoscopic level. The NANOST team’s concerns are in cutting-edge fields (exciton and spin physics in semiconductor or magnetic nanostructures) where electronic properties are studied by advanced optical spectroscopies.

The LKB is a major international player in the fundamental fields of atomic physics, quantum optics and related fields (metrology, quantum information, …). The LKB partner team in the project focuses on the quantum properties of light produced by different model systems, with study themes related to quantum fluctuations, generation of entangled states, light-matter states (polaritons ) and quantum metrology.

The project is funded by SU Emergence
Salary: 2200 €/month.
Starting date (flexible between March and June 2017)


  • Prof. Maria Chamarro:,
  • Prof. Alberto Bramati:

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