Adrien Dufour

Adrien Dufour

PhD student, Femto Lab

Femto Lab

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Adrien Dufour is doing PhD in LKB, under the direction of Claude Fabre and Nicolas Treps. He is working in the Femto Lab, doing quantum physics with frequency combs.

About Adrien Dufour

Before PhD, I studied at École polytechnique (France) and Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), where I was using frequency combs for femto-chemistry. After having obtained my Master of Science, I came as a PhD student in the team of Nicolas Treps and Claude Fabre. I have great interest into quantum optics and ultrafast optics, and myt current research topics are related to multimode squeezed vacuum and non-gaussian states of light.

In parallel to my research, I am attending management classes at Collège des Ingénieurs (MBA), from which I will graduate in 2019.

  • Tomography of a Mode-Tunable Coherent Single-Photon Subtractor, Young-Sik Ra, Clément Jacquard, Adrien Dufour, Claude Fabre, Nicolas Treps , arXiv:1702.02082 , (accepted by PRX)

  • Photon Subtraction from Multimode Squeezed Vacuum State, Adrien Dufour, Clément Jacquard, Young-Sik Ra, Claude Fabre, Nicolas Treps, présentation orale à la conférence Quantum Information anad Measurement (QIM) – IV: Quantum Technologies, Paris, 6 avril 2017

  • Photon Subtraction from Multimode Squeezed Vacuum, Adrien Dufour, Clément Jacquard, Young-Sik Ra, Claude Fabre, Nicolas Treps, poster présenté à la session COLOQ, Bordeaux 2016



Selection of ionization paths of K2 on superfluid helium droplets by wave packet interference, Marek Bastian Hild, Adrien Dufour, Georg Achazi, Alexander Patas, Paul Scheier, Albrecht Lindinger, Chemical Physics Letters 658 (2016) 109–113

Article accepted in PRX