Jeudi 14 septembre 2023. Carla Almeida (UFABC, Brazil)

Title: Shaping a concept – a historical view of the public perception of black holes

Location : Sorbonne Université – LKB – Room  210 –  Tour 13/23 – 2e – Campus Jussieu – Paris 5e

Meeting at 2pm, arriving at 1:45pm you can have a tea (or coffee) with us!

Abstract: A cosmic drain, a galactic vacuum cleaner, a planet eater, a portal to another universe, a black hole in space. One of the best ways to explain an intricate theory to the general audience is through analogies, and they were heavily used to spread the word about the most intriguing astrophysical concept of the second half of the 20th century. But when and why black holes became these black holes? We will explore these questions from a historical perspective, trying to understand how black holes were shaped in people’s minds and the influences they had over future scientific endeavors.


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