A postdoctoral position is open at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel to work on the implementation of continuous-variable quantum complex networks, funded by the ERC grant COQCOoN.

The project aims at the implementation of networks based on continuous-variable Gaussian correlations and non-Gaussian operations, and their exploitation for quantum simulations and optimized quantum information tasks. The post-doc will work on/supervise one of two running experimental setups at near infrared and telecom wavelengths based on multimode parametric processes in waveguides pumped via femtosecond laser.  Protocols will concern: quantum simulation, quantum reservoir computing, multiparty quantum communication in complex networks.

The multimode quantum optics group at LKB carried out leading research in experimental generation of cluster states, i.e. large entangled networks useful in quantum information protocol on a large scale. The group has a strong experimental focus, but is also engaged in purely theoretical activities aiming at developing quantum optics in the CV framework.

Candidates must hold an internationally recognized PhD in a field related to experimental quantum physics. A good background and past research/publication track record in experimental optics, and quantum physics is required. Knowledge of quantum information and Continuous Variable systems would be an advantage.

Expected starting date: fall/winter 2021-22 (with some flexibility)

Application procedure: Inquiries and applications should be sent by email to Valentina Parigi(valentina.parigi@lkb.upmc.fr). Applications should include a detailed CV, a brief statement of research interests and two names of potential referees.


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