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Visiting professors

  • Oct. 2021, Sept. 2020, Nov. 2019, July 2019, June – July 2018, June – July 2017, Oct. – Nov. 2016, ….//…, 2013 – 2014
    Christopher Bidinosti (University of Winnipeg – Canada)



  • June-July 2022, July-Aug. 2021

          Marie Abboud Mehanna (Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon)




  • Feb. – July, 2022
    Titouan GADEYNE (Ecole Normale Supérieure; M2)
    Probing nuclear spin self-orientation in ³He gas discharges.
  • June – July, 2021 
    Wei LECONG (Sorbonne University: L3)
    Magnetic field measurements in a low-field MRI system
  • June – Aug., 2020
    Katia HO-SAKATA (Univ. de Paris Diderot; M1)
    Influence of concomittant RF fields on image quality in low field MRI.
  • Feb. – June, 2020
    Christiane Najm (Saint Joseph Univ./Univ. Bretagne Occidentale; M2)
    Laser spectroscopy of the first excited levels of triplet-state He.
  • May – July, 2019
    Charlie Kersuzan (Sorbonne Univ., M1)
    Laser spectroscopy of He in rf gas gas discharges.
  • May – June, 2019
    Selma Henader (Sorbonne Univ., M1)
    Annular beam shaping of an infrared laser beam.
  • June – July, 2017
    Alexandre Klein (ENS Lyon, L3)
    Evidence of alignment-to-orientation conversion in gaseous Helium.
  • April – June, 2017
    Jérôme Bouton (UPMC, M1)
    NMR dynamics in polarised ³He : experimental versus numerical data.
  • May – June, 2017
    Sofiane Ait-Ouarab (UPMC, M1)
    Collision-induced excitation transfer between 2³P sublevels in ³He gas.
  • May – August, 2016
    Geoffroy De Laitre (PHELMA, M1)
    Towards optical pumping of helium-3 at low temperature.
  • May – June, 2016
    Modestin Sandjon (UPMC, M1)
    Implementation of Arduino microcontrollers in low-field NMR experiments.
  • March – September, 2016
    Asmâa Agouzoul (Univ. de Reims Champagne-Ardennes, M2)
    Yann Kergutuil (Univ. de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, M2)
    Lattice simulations in NMR: CPU versus GPU.
    Supported by the Institute for Computing and Simulation (ICS@SU, Sorbonne Universités).
  • March – June, 2016
    Vittorio Fossati (UPMC, M1)
    Spectroscopic studies in helium gas discharges.
  • January, 2016
    Ami Dramé and Janice Ronel (UPMC, L3)
    NMR and MRI at low magnetic field.

Former PhD students
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