Title – Fractional quantum Hall physics in quantum simulators

Location : Amphi Budé – Collège de France – 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot – 75005

A coffee will be offered starting at 10:45 am, the seminar will start at 11am

Abstract – This talk will present recent progress in realizing and detecting fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states in quantum simulators, setting the focus on ultracold atoms in optical lattices. I will start by describing the state of the art, introducing key theoretical notions and reporting on recent experimental results. I will then present several methods for extracting topological signatures in these settings, both in the bulk and on the edge of the FQH droplet. I will also discuss different preparation schemes, introducing a patchwork construction for growing FQH states and an open-system approach dubbed ‘cold-atom elevator’. While directly relevant to cold atoms, the ideas and results presented in this talk could have implications for a broad class of quantum settings.