LKB - Atom chips group


Benjamin Besga (Now at Institut Néel)

Yves Colombe (Now at Universität Innsbruck)

Christian Deutsch (Now with Carl Zeiss meditec)

Guilhem Dubois (Now with Astron-FIAMM, Toulon)

Vincent Dugrain (Now with Essilor)

Jérôme Estève (Now at LPS Orsay)

Francesco Ferri (Now at ETH Zürich)

Sébastien Garcia (Now at Collège de France)

Roger Gehr (Now with Swiss Re Ltd)

Florian Haas (Now with TWS Partners, Munich)

Leander Hohmann (Now at European Patent Office)

Hadrien Kurkjian (Now with University of Antwerp)

Théo Laudat

Arthur La Rooij

Claire Lebouteiller (Now with Adoc Talent Management)

Yun Li (Now with Nature Physics)

Felix Linke (Now at BMW-Munich)

Kenneth Maussang (Now at University of Montpellier)

Dominik Maxein (Now in the group Optique Quantique)

Tommaso Mazzoni

Friedemann Reinhard (now at TU München)

Tobias Schneider (Now at the University of Munich )

Tilo Steinmetz (Now with Menlo Systems GmbH)

Cyril Vaneph (Now at LPS Orsay)

Juergen Volz (Now at the TU Wien)