LKB - Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Cavity QED with slow atoms


Cavity QED experiments with slow atoms


We are building a new experiment, in which we will study the interaction between the electromagnetic mode of a high finesse superconducting cavity and circular Rydberg atom produced from a beam of laser cooled atoms. This will allow us to increase by one or two orders of magnitude the interaction time between the atom and the cavity, opening the way to a new type of cavity QED experiments.


In particular, it should be possible to determine in a single atomic measurement whether the cavity contains or not a particular number of photons. This opens the way to the fast preparation of large number of photon Fock states, or to the study of counterintuitive phenomena like quantum Zeno dynamics.


Permanents: Sébastien Gleyzes, Michel Brune, Jean-Michel Raimond, Serge Haroche
PhDs: Eva-Katharina Dietsche, Dorian Grosso, Frédéric Assemat, Arthur Larrouy

Latest news

We have installed our first cavity inside the cryostat.

We have connected the atom source to the cryostat!