Christophe Salomon is elected member of Sciences academy


Christophe Salomon, director of research at CNRS, was elected in December 2017 member of Sciences academy (Paris, France), in the physics section. He is a member of the Kastler Brossel Laboratory, head of the Ultracold Fermi Gases team.

Christophe Salomon carried out his work in the laboratory at the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS). As a internationally recognized specialist of cold atoms, he is interested in their application to time measurement and fundamental physics tests with atomic clocks.

He also studied the properties of quantum gases cooled at temperatures of a few nanokelvins, such as superfluidity or material wave solitons. Ultracold gases are very well controlled systems for testing theoretical models of many-body physics, often developed to describe the properties of electrons in solids.

As part of the European space project ACES/PHARAO – developed in collaboration with Observatoire de Paris, CNES and ESA – Christophe Salomon is interested in ultrastable clocks in space and general relativity tests.