Launch of the Flagship on quantum technologies and results of the first call for proposals

Quantum Flagship is a European initiative to develop quantum technologies in Europe. It was officially inaugurated at a ceremony on 29 October 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

This programme is already one of the most ambitious in the European Union, with a budget of €1 billion. It will support large-scale and long-term research and innovation projects that will transfer quantum physics research from the laboratory to applications.

Amoung the 141 projects that applied for funding under this first call (FETLAG), only 19 were finally selected, covering the fields of quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum metrology and sensors, and basic sciences.

From these 19 selected, 10 projects involve 13 French teams, underlining the great involvement of France, and in particular for the LKB, since 4 proposals concern the Kastler Brossel laboratory. One of our teams is the lead partner of the PhoQus project, and three teams are partners in the MACQSIMAL, PASQuanS and QIA projects.

Links :
– CNRS website :, le communiqué de presse
– Flagship website: Flagship kickoff in Vienna