François nez receives the Félix Robin 2019 award

François NEz

Photo credit: Hubert RAGUET/LKB/CNRS Photo librar

The French Physical Society decided to grant the Félix Robin 2019 prize to François Nez, research director at the CNRS and researcher at the LKB since 1994.

The research of François Nez focuses on high resolution atomic spectroscopy, optical frequency metrology and the very precise determination of fundamental constants. It has an important impact on fundamental physics, as it currently provides the most precise tests of quantum electrodynamics, but it also has practical applications such as the recent redefinition of the Système International (SI) units.

François Nez is a member of the CODATA (Committee on Data for Science and Technology) Task Group on Fundamental Physical Constants and is actively involved in the international collaborations CREMA (Charge Radius Experiment with Muonic Atoms) and GBAR (Gravitational Behaviour of Antihydrogen at Rest).

Before him, several other members of our laboratory were awarded this prestigious prize: Alfred Kastler in 1946, Jean Brossel in 1954, Bernard Cagnac in 1977 and Elisabeth Giacobino in 2010.

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Photo credit: LKB