Valentina Parigi

Valentina Parigi

Associate Professor

Femto Lab Team

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Valentina Parigi obtained her PhD at LENS (European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy) in Florence under the supervision of Marco Bellini. During her PhD she worked on  generation, manipulation and characterization of non-classical states of light and she realized the first experimental test on quantum commutation rules.

On 2010 she joined as a post-doc the group led by Philippe Granger at the Institut d’Optique. She worked on the project which aims to implement non-linear effects at the single photon level by exploiting the long-range interactions in ensemble of Rydberg atoms.

On 2013 she worked as a post-doc with Julien Laurat at LKB  on an atomic quantum memory for vector beams. On 2014 she worked with Valentina Krachmalnicoff and Yannick De Wilde on near-field characterization of disordered nanostructures.

Since 2015 she is Associate Professor in the Quantum Optics group at LKB, working in the Multimode Quantum Optics team.  She is currently involved in the implementation of complex quantum networks in a multi-mode continuous-variables scenario and she has been recently (2018) awarded with an – ERC Consolidator Grant. Her interests range from the foundations of quantum mechanics to the experimental implementation of basic tools for quantum information technologies.

Memberships and responsibilities

  • Member of the organizing committee of ICoQC 2018- International Conference on Quantum Computing, 26-30 November 2018 Paris (France).
  • Organiser of Scientific Meeting of the Royal Society on “Foundations of quantum mechanics and their impact on contemporary society”, 11-12 December 2017, London.
  • Member of QTech 2018 Scientific Committee, Quantum technology International conference (Paris)
  • Member of scientific committee of CEWQO 2018 25th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics
  • Member of Paris Centre for Quantum Computing

Scientific Track Record

  • Awarded 2018 – ERC Consolidator Grant. Project: COQCOoN: “Continuos Variables Quantum Complex Networks”
  • Emergence CNRS -2016 on “Information quantique optique non-linéaire” – Spectrally broadened optical frequency comb by non-linear photonic crystal fiber for manipulating hundreds of q-modes in quantum information processes. Role in the project: main investigator.
  • Emergence Sorbonne Université 2016 PiCQuNet: Photonic platform for Complex Quantum Networks. Role in the project: main investigator
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