Claude Fabre, laureate of the “Grand Prix Léon Brillouin”

Claude Fabre, emeritus professor at the LKB in the quantum optics team, has just received the “Grand Prix Léon Brillouin”, established to honour the memory of the physicist Léon Brillouin. This award was given to him on July 4 during the conference “Optique Toulouse 2018” organized by the French Physical Society (SFP). This prize rewards all his work throughout his career.

We warmly congratulate him!

Claude Fabre is internationally recognized as one of the major contributors to quantum physics over the past forty years. Since 1986, he has been a pioneer in the field of continuous variable quantum optics, more precisely in theoretical and experimental studies concerning correlated, entangled and squeezed quantum states and their use in high-sensitivity measurements.

With his team, he was in particular the first to demonstrate the possibility to correlate twin beams below the standard quantum limit. His research has also led to spectacular breakthroughs in optical imaging and non-linear optics. He is author of several reference works for students and researchers, in particular the book “Introduction aux lasers et à l’optique quantique” with Gilbert Grynberg and Alain Aspect