Maria Skłodowska and Pierre Curie prize reward Dominique Delande and Jakub Zakrzewski

Photo: Paweł Kula

Laureates of First Polish–French Science Award


The Maria Skłodowska and Pierre Curie Polish–French Scientific Award is a new joint initiative of the Foundation for Polish Science, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), and the French Academy of Sciences. The aim of the Skłodowska/Curie Award is to recognize distinguished scientific achievements resulting from French–Polish cooperation. The award was established to mark the Polish–French Year of Science.


For the first year, Prof. Jakub Zakrzewski and Dr Dominique Delande have been honoured with the Maria Skłodowska and Pierre Curie Polish–French Science Award alongside Dr Marcin Szwed and Prof. Laurent Cohen. The prize-giving ceremony took place in Warsaw on friday 28th of february.

Jakub Zakrzewski and Dominique Delande began their scientific cooperation in 1991. Over 28 years they have succeeded in building a long-term cooperation between Polish and French research teams, in the area of quantum physics of chaotic and/or disordered systems.

They try to understand the fundamental microscopic processes occurring in such systems. Their research is theoretical and computational, focussing on realistic quantum systems, in collaboration with experimental groups.

Over the last 10 years, the cooperation has concentrated on ultra-cold atomic gases. The unprecedented control one has in this domain enables the experimental construction and analysis of models known from condensed-matter physics. This has contributed to the growth of theoretical research and computer simulations of such systems. The Paris-Kraków collaboration worked on the effects triggered by disorder in these media, more specifically towards realistic systems used in experiments. This became possible thanks to the development of an efficient parallel computer code for the temporal dynamics of quasi-one-dimensional many-body systems.

Their research has resulted in 36 joint publications, including 7 articles in Physical Review Letters.

Article from the Fundation for polish science :