Valentina Parigi awarded by a CNRS Bronze Medal

Valentina Parigi, teacher-researcher in the Quantum Optics team of the Kastler Brossel Laboratory in Jussieu (Sorbonne University/CNRS/ENS-PSL/Collège de France), has just been awarded with a bronze medal of the CNRS.

This award honours the early work of researchers who have become specialists in their field. It represents an encouragement from the CNRS to pursue research that is already under way and already fruitful.

In the laboratory, Valentina Parigi studies the complex and quantum structures of physical systems. These structures typically take the form of networks, as found in very different fields such as the web or metabolic processes. Although these structures manifest themselves in very different systems, they share the same type of statistical distribution of connections between the elements that make them up.

Being able to replicate these complex networks in the laboratory with a large-scale quantum platform is a great opportunity to study the quantum structure of the real world and to optimize future quantum information technologies.