En vidéo-conférence : 24 juin 2020 – 14:00

Zoom link : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82574133656?pwd=b1pZUU05STBic0oyUnc2RDlaQnI0Zz09 (Meeting ID: 882 2848 8140 – Password: 171013)

Escaping Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

Abstract :

  • We discuss the idea behind escaping Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle via the measurement of modular optical quadrature variables (or modular position and momentum variables).
  • We review the use of this idea in quantum error correction, –to encode a qubit into a bosonic mode–, and potentially in sensing. Given the recent experimental demonstrations in a microwave cavity mode and the motion of a trapped-ion, we conclude by asking about interesting open research directions.