Ecole Normale supérieure – 24, rue Lhomond – Conf IV – 75005 Paris – 12nd february at 13h45

Quantum simulation of the two-dimensional Hubbard model

Understanding strongly correlated quantum many-body systems remains a challenge both for experiment and theory. In particular, the interplay of interactions, kinetic energy, and dimensionality is complex and governs the occurrence and properties of low-temperature quantum phases. A paradigmatic example of a strongly correlated many-bodyproblemisthatofinteractingspin-1=2fermions on a periodic lattice. Depending on the Hamiltonian parameters, different quantum phases are realized. For example, for weak interactions and low filling of the lattice, the fermions delocalize into Bloch waves and constitute a metallic state with finite charge compressibility. In contrast, for strong repulsive interactions at half filling the fermions form a Mott insulator that occurs when the kinetic energy can no longer overcome the energy gap due to repulsive on-site interactions. In this talk, I will review the latest results from our lab of exploring this physics.