Ecole Normale supérieure – 24, rue Lhomond – Conf IV – 75005 Paris – 04th march at 13h45

Gravitational quantum states of light neutral particles

Gravitational Quantum States (GQS) and Whispering-Gallery Quantum (WGS) states of light neutral particles are a useful tool for high-precision measurements. Such quantum states of neutrons have been observed [1] and used ourdays by several research groups to constrain fundamental short-range interactions. Analogous states of ultracold atoms and antiatoms have been predicted [2]; they appear due to quantum reflection of ultracold (anti)atoms from surface [3]. Studies with hydrogen is the goal of a new GRASIAN collaboration.

Those with antihydrogen can be pursuit in the future by GBAR collaboration at CERN in more precise experiments, which test the equivalence principle with antimatter [4]. In all these cases, a long observation time thus a much better energy resolution and precision can be achieved in a novel Magneto-Gravitational Trap (MGT), where the particles will be trapped vertically by gravity and a mirror, and horizontally by a magnetic field [5]. The ultralow energies of (anti)atoms and long lifetimes of GQS provide unique conditions for precision gravitational, optical and hyperfine spectroscopy of (anti)atoms.

In this talk we will discuss some experimental and theoretical results as well as prospects of these activities