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The group’s activity is centered on precision measurements with cold trapped ions. In particular, the simplest of all molecules, the H2+ ion, is studied both experimentally and theoretically. The general aim of this research is to test fundamental theories and improve our knowledge of fundamental physical constants.


Recent Papers

Probing QED and fundamental constants through laser spectroscopy of vibrational transitions in HD+

J. Biesheuvel, J.-Ph. Karr, L. Hilico, K.S.E. Eikema, W. Ubachs, J.C.J. Koelemeij

Nature Comm. 7, 10385 , 2016

Theoretical Hyperfine Structure of the Molecular Hydrogen Ion at the 1 ppm Level

V.I. Korobov, J.C.J. Koelemeij, L. Hilico, J.-Ph. Karr

Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 053003, 2016

Hydrogen molecular ions for improved determination of fundamental constants

J.-Ph. Karr, L. Hilico, J.C.J. Koelemeij, V.I. Korobov

Phys. Rev. A 94, 050501(R), 2016


PhD Student
  • Albane Douillet
    Associate Professor
  • Jean-Philippe Karr
    Associate Professor
  • Laurent Hilico
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    Trapped Ions Group
  • Nicolas Sillitoe
    PhD student
  • Johannes Heinrich
    PhD Student
  • Thomas Louvradoux
    PhD Student

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