PhD position at Royal Holloway University of London

PhD position at Royal Holloway University of London

A PhD position is opened at Royal Holloway University of London, in the field of superfluid optomechanics. The position is for an experimental project in low temperature physics involving device’s design, nanofabrication and microwave cavity optomechanics measurements.

Our team works on a range of projects with national and international collaborations. We are part of a the QSimFP consortium, a collaborative network of scientists from seven UK-based research organisations located in St.Andrews, Cambridge, King’s College London, Newcastle, Nottingham, University College London and Royal Holloway University London. The PhD student will benefit from all network activities.

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Keywords: Condensed Matter Physics, Low Temperature Physics, Quantum Fluids, Optomechanics

Duration: 4 years


For more information please contact Dr. Xavier Rojas (