D. Tumanov, N. Vaish, H.A. Nguyen, Y. Curé, J.-M. Gérard, J. Claudon, F. Donatini, J.-Ph. Poizat
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 123102 – Published 21 March 2018

In this work, we use strain to statically tune the semiconductor band gap of individual InAs quantum dots (QDs) embedded in a GaAs photonic wire featuring very efficient single photon collection. Thanks to the geometry of the structure, we are able to shift the QD excitonic transition by more than 25 meV by using nano-manipulators to apply the stress. Moreover, owing to the strong transverse strain gradient generated in the structure, we can relatively tune two QDs located in the wire waveguide and bring them in resonance.