The New Mechanics Summer School - Les Houches 1st-26th August 2022

We are very excited to announce that the 4 weeks summer school “The New Mechanics” will be held at Les Houches next August (1st-26th August 2022).

Ultra-sensitive mechanical systems have experienced a huge development over the past 30 years, strongly driven notably by the emerging field of ultra-sensitive opto-electromechanics. This has led to the emergence of new ultra-sensitive real-time detection methods. These advances raise the perspective of a major scientific renewal, with these new methods already benefiting to fields of application far away from opto-electromechanics, such as the physics of non-equilibrium systems and bio-physics.

The school “The New Mechanics” will  train its participants in all the existing methods and their application to the resolution of new scientific and technological questions: This school thus wants to pave the way for the inclusion of ultra-sensitive mechanical measurement tools for the training of a new generation of high-level scientists. Detailed content and an updated list of lecturers is available on the School website.

Registration is open until 15 March 2022 (all relevant info is available there). 

Topics covered by the school include:
● Quantum thermodynamics
● Quantum hybrid mechanical systems
● Nanomechanics
● Ultra-sensitive mechanical sensing
● Out-of-equilibrium dynamics
● Non-linear thermodynamics
● Quantum acoustics with non-classical fluids
● Quantum nano-optomechanical traps
● Thermodynamics of vacuum trapped nanoparticles
● Quantum effects, proximity forces and decoherence