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Sodium spinor condensates


Principal investigators: Jean Dalibard, Fabrice Gerbier

PhD students: Bertrand Evrard

Postdoc:  Qu An

Former members:

  • Emmanuel Mimoun (PhD 2007-2011), now at Saint Gobain
  • David Jacob (PhD 2008-2012), now at Sunpower
  • Lingxuan Shao (PhD 2010-2014)
  • Vincent Corre (PhD 2011-2014), now postdoc in R. Grimm’s group (university of Innsbruck)
  • Luigi De Sarlo (postdoc, 2008-2011), now CNRS researcher at SYRTE
  • Tilman Zibold (postdoc, 2012-2015), now postdoc in P. Treutlein’s group (university of Basel)
  • Camille Frapolli (PhD, 2013-2017), now at Safran-REOSC
  • Andrea Invernizzi (PhD 2014-2017), now at Safran-REOSC
  • Karina Jiménez-Garcia (postdoc 2015-2018), now at CINVESTAV Querétaro.

From left to right:

Fabrice Gerbier

Bertrand Evrard

Andrea Invernizzi

Karina Jimenez Garcia

Jean Dalibard

Not on picture: Qu An