LKB - Bose-Einstein condensates

Mixture in Mixed dimensions

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Current team: Maxime Lecomte, Jean Dalibard, Raphael Lopes

Former members:  Virgin Durepaire (Aug 2021 – Jan 2022); Sarah Wattellier (Apr 2021 – Jul 2021); Jean-Gabriel Pipelin (May 2021 – Jul 2021); Louis Chambard (Jul 2021)

We are looking for PhD students and postdocs! Contact Raphael for more details.


Collège de France. 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot. 75005 Paris


This project aims at probing intriguing few- to many-body physics.

We will investigate spin-polarized fermions trapped in two layers and interacting through a three-dimensional bath. This will allow us to form Efimov-like trimers between layers that are robust against three-body losses occurring at short-relative distances.
In the limit of dense and strongly-interacting samples, we will explore unconventional many-body phases of matter such as the emergence of a stable Fermi gas of Efimov trimers, interlayer s-wave Cooper pairing, and intralayer p-wave Cooper pairing.


We are setting up a new cold atom experiment in which dysprosium and potassium evolve in different dimensions.

This experiment has received funding from the French National Research Agency  ANR-20-CE30-0024.

News from the lab

05/21 New room, empty table, the fun begins.

10/21 “Blue” optical table locked and loaded

11/21 Red optical table ready