LKB - Bose-Einstein condensates

Bose-Einstein condensates

The manipulation of atoms using laser light has constituted one of the major achievements of atomic physics and quantum optics for the last twenty years. This research field has had a very deep impact on many aspects of AMO physics, from metrology to collision physics, including also statistical physics and matter wave interferometry.


  • Chayma Bouazza, Thomas Chalopin, Alexandre Evrard, Leonid Sidorenkov, Vasiliy Makhov, Jean Dalibard, Sylvain Nascimbène
    Ultracold dysprosium
  • Jean-Loup Ville, Raphaël Saint-Jalm, Edouard Le Cerf, Sylvain Nascimbène, Jean Dalibard, Jérôme Beugnon
    2D rubidium Bose gases
  • Bertrand Evrard, Andrea Invernizzi, Karina Jiménez Garcia, An Qu, Jean Dalibard, Fabrice Gerbier
    Sodium spinor condensates
  • Manel Bosch, Raphaël Bouganne, Alexis Ghermaoui, Jérôme Beugnon, Fabrice Gerbier
    Ytterbium in optical lattices


  • Alexandre Evrard
    PhD student, Dysprosium experiment
  • Alexis Ghermaoui
    PhD Student, Ytterbium Experiment
  • Jérôme Beugnon
    Assistant Professor, UPMC
  • Manel Bosch Aguilera
    PhD Student, Ytterbium Experiment
  • Chayma Bouazza
    PhD student, Dysprosium experiment
  • Raphaël Bouganne
    PhD Student, Ytterbium experiment
  • Brice Bakkali-Hassani
    PhD student, Rubidium experiment
  • Thomas Chalopin
    PhD student, Dysprosium experiment
  • Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
    Professor at Collège de France (emeritus)
  • Jean Dalibard
    Professor, Collège de France
  • Edouard Le Cerf
    PhD Student, Rubidium experiment
  • Bertrand Evrard
    PhD Student, Na experiment
  • Fabrice Gerbier
    CNRS researcher
  • Michèle Leduc
    Emeritus Researcher
  • Sylvain Nascimbene
    Assistant Professor, ENS
  • Patricia Castilho
    Postdoc, Rubidium experiment
  • Qu An
    Postdoc, Sodium experiment
  • Raphael Lopes
    CNRS researcher
  • Raphaël Saint-Jalm
    PhD Student, Rubidium experiment
  • Tanish Satoor
    PhD Student, Dysprosium Experiment
  • Vasiliy Makhalov
    Postdoc, Dysprosium experiment


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