LKB - Bose-Einstein condensates

Bose-Einstein condensates

Recent publications
    • Spontaneous formation and relaxation of spin domains in antiferromagnetic spin-1 quasi-condensates, K. Jiménez-García, A. Invernizzi, B. Evrard, C. Frapolli, J. Dalibard, F. Gerbier, arXiv:1808.01015 (2018).
    • Non-linear relaxation of interacting bosons coherently driven on a narrow optical transition, M. Bosch Aguilera, R. Bouganne, A. Dareau, M. Scholl, Q. Beaufils, J. Beugnon, F.Gerbier,   EPL (Europhysics Letters)1234 (2018); arXiv:1806.07210.
    • Spin-gap spectroscopy in a bosonic flux ladder, M. Calvanese Strinati, F. Gerbier, L. Mazza,  New Journal of Physics
      20, 01500 (2018); arXiv:1708.02832.
    • Anisotropic light-shift and magic-polarization of the intercombination line of Dysprosium atoms in a far-detuned dipole trap, T. Chalopin, V. Makhalov, C. Bouazza, A. Evrard, A. Barker, J. Dalibard, R. Lopes, S. Nascimbene; arXiv:1805.06878 (2018).
    • Quantum-enhanced sensing using non-classical spin states of a highly magnetic atom, T. Chalopin, C. Bouazza, A. Evrard, V. Makhalov, D. Dreon, J. Dalibard, L.A. Sidorenkov, S. Nascimbene; arXiv:1806.05495 (2018).



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