LKB - Optical Imaging in biogical and complex media


Principal Investigator : Sylvain Gigan

The group deals with light propagation in complex media, mainly disordered photonic systems where light is scattered in a very complex way, such as paint layers, paper, or biological tissues. Multiple scattering of coherent light generates extremely complex interference equipepatterns, called speckle. But despite the enormous complexity of the scattering process, we can exploit and control light propagation, in particular thanks to spatial light modulators. Our approach is particularly interesting for imaging, light-matter interactions, signal
processing, but also as windows to understand subtle mesoscopic physics effects.


News and Events

Review article

publication of our review article on applications of wavefront shaping and coherent light in Photoacoustics (and vice-versa), written by S. Gigan and E. Bossy: E. Bossy and S. Gigan, Photoacoustics with coherent light, Photoacoustics, (2016) Read more

2 PhD graduations

Two PhD students graduated this month : Thomas Chaigne (thesis entitled « Control of scattered coherent light and photoacoustic imaging : toward light focusing in deep tissue and enhanced, sub-acoustic resolution photoacoustic imaging ») and Hugo Defienne (thesis entitled "Quantum walks of Photons in disordered media"). Congrats to them and good luck !
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new publication in PNAS

PNAS "Invariance property of wave scattering through disordered media" in collaboration with TU Wien (Group Stefan Rotter) and Institut Langevin (Group Rémi Carminati). Read more

a star(tup) is born

A spin-off company from the group "LightOn", aiming at performing optical computation "at the speed of light" has entered incubation Read more

Let there be lab

moving is not completely finished, but our new lab is already full and buzzing with activity
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Colloquium talk

Video of Sylvain Gigan's colloquium, covering last year's research of the group, at the colloquium of the physics department of ENS Read more

visiting Professor Rafael Piestun

We have welcomed Rafael Piestun (Professor at ECE University of Colorado, Boulder) in the group for 3 month. Read more

visiteur Professor Jerome Mertz (BU)

Jerome Mertz, professor at Boston University, is visiting the group during the month of July 2016. Read more

visiting Professor Xiaopeng Shao (Xi'an University)

We have welcome Prof. Shao, from Xidian university, for the month of November 2016.
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A star is born

Mickael Mounaix, our second year PhD student, seems to have taken a second job in male modeling and is featured in the call for paper of the upcoming CLEO conference 2017. Submit now 🙂
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Xmas group picture

Xmas LKB party at college de France, (partial) group picture. Left to right: Benneth, Tom, Rebecca, Mickael, Saroch, Tengfei, Tom, Notre-Dame.
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viewpoint : optical microscopy aims deep

a viewpoint in Nature Photonics on the roots and future of our field Read more

Review of Modern Physics: Mesoscopic Physics meet wave control

long awaited, our review paper with Stefan Rotter is finally out in APS's Review of Modern Physics, and made the cover "Light fields in complex media: Mesoscopic scattering meets wave control" Read more

Nanophotonics Sciencecamp

during the complex nanophotonics Sciencecamp, several current and past members got together, and we could take and 'past a present' group picture, with only few (dearly missed) persons!
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thesis Defense: Mickael Mounaix

Mickael (very) successfully defended his thesis on Nov 8th, entitled: "Matricial approaches for spatio-temporal control of light in multiple scattering media". Congratulation Dr. Mounaix and good luck for your future endeavors!
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Science publication : a surprising invariant of light in complex media

5 years in the making, our result on experimentally verifying a surprising invariance of light in complex media, namely that the average path length is independent of disorder, is finally published ... in Science! check it out! Read more

A review article in the "photoniques" journal

our work is featured (in french) in a review Article by Mickael, Hugo, an Sylvain in a review article "Photoniques" of the French Optical Society. Read more


Postdoctoral Researcher
visiting Students
PhD Student
  • Sylvain Gigan
  • Baptiste Blochet
    PhD Candidate - IBENS - LKB
  • Tom Sperber
    PhD candidate - Institut Langevin - LKB
  • Rebecca French
  • Saroch Leedumrongwatthanakun
    PhD Student
  • Dr. Claudio Moretti
  • Antoine Boniface
  • Jonathan Dong
  • Louisiane Devaud


Observation of mean path length invariance in light-scattering media

R. Savo, R. Pierrat, U. Najar, R. Carminati, S. Rotter, S. Gigan, Science, 358, 765 (2017)

Light fields in complex media: Mesoscopic scattering meets wave control

Stefan Rotter, Sylvain Gigan, Rev. Mod. Phys. 89, 015005

Spatiotemporal coherent control of light through a multiple scattering medium with the multispectral transmission matrix

M. Mounaix, D. Andreoli, H. Defienne, G. Volpe, O. Katz, S. Grésillon, .S Gigan, Physical Review Letters

Transmission-matrix-based point-spread-function engineering through a complex medium

Antoine Boniface, Mickael Mounaix, Baptiste Blochet, Rafael Piestun, and Sylvain Gigan, Optica 4, 54-59 (2017)



we are looking for a motivated and experienced candidate, to work in a challenging project, combining Signal Processing, and Computer Science with Optics. Application Welcome!


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You can find specific internship offers on the following website:

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We have no specific position at the moment, but welcome application from skilled and motivated candidates.



We are always looking for talented & motivated scientists and students to join our group.

Check the open positions or send us your CV and motivation letter for application.





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