LKB - Optical Imaging in biogical and complex media


  • H. Defienne, M. Barbieri, I. A. Walmsley, B. J. Smith, S. Gigan, Control of two-photon quantum walk in a complex multimode system by wavefront shaping, arXiv:1504.03178 (quant-ph) ARXIV
  • H. Defienne, M. Barbieri, B. Chalopin, B. Chatel, I. Walmsley, B. Smith, S. Gigan, Nonclassical light manipulation in a multiple-scattering medium, Optics Letters 39, 6090 (2014) OL ARXIV

Quantum optics in complex media
(Collab B. Chatel@Toulouse,I. Walsmley and B. Smith@ Oxford, M. Barbieri @Rome)




A random medium can be seen as nothing more than a very complex beamsplitter, with a huge number of modes. It is therefore a very multimode platform to study quantum random walks for instance. Still, quantum state manipulation in such system has been considered hopeless and too lossy. Thanks to wavefront shaping, we study how a quantum state can be guided through a random medium, and how random medium can be used for quantum optics or quantum information.